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What Makes a Great Board Member?

A great board member is committed to the mission of your organization and has a large network of donors, friends and colleagues. They are committed to meeting their legal obligations and have the grit required to confront difficult issues and establish a direction, even if it requires challenging other members of the board. In addition, they're creative and bring fresh ideas to the table.

Board members perform a variety of roles, from fundraising to networking to making sure that meeting materials are reviewed and the questions are drafted prior to each meeting. The best board members take their responsibilities seriously and are committed to being prepared for all events and meetings. They are eagerly awaiting an agenda for a committee or board meeting and are quick to review reports and other documents ahead of the meeting. They keep the dates for all meetings on their calendars and also set automatic reminders. They are a great asset to the board.

Directors on top of the board often see things that other board members additional resources do not. They can assist the CEO think about the possible issues and risks that could arise from certain decisions, and encourage him to look further into the future. They also enjoy being able to coach other board members and receive mentoring themselves.

The most effective board members are open to new ideas and have a perpetual desire to learn. They're willing to attend educational events for boards of non-profit organizations including workshops, conferences and workshops that will help them better understand their responsibilities, and participate in discussions with other board members. They're open to using technological tools that can assist them in their work. They're also likely an online platform for the board that will streamline the flow of information and ensure that important documents are safe.

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