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How to Host a Successful Board Meeting

The tone of the meeting is just as important as contents when it comes down to the success of a board meeting. Board members are involved in the overall success of your organization and will likely be willing to listen intently if they feel engaged throughout the discussion. The setting that your board members meet in is crucial to this, so take note of these suggestions for getting your board members excited and facilitating productive meetings:

Create a clear agenda for the meeting and distribute it all attendees. Include minute limits for every discussion item in order to avoid getting distracted and keep the discussion moving. For instance, limiting discussions to 30 minutes per subject helps keep the board from getting distracted by non-essential items.

Make the meeting as convenient as you can for your board members. Instruct them to disable any notifications and close any programs that could affect the speed of their internet connection if you're conducting the meeting via a web-based platform. This will help the event run smoothly and ensure that all participants can be heard and see each other clearly.

If you feel it is appropriate, provide refreshments. This is particularly crucial for a meeting that is that is held in the evening following a day's work and will allow your board members to remain focused and enthusiastic.

Begin the meeting by sharing a brief success story that reminds your board members of the organisation's goals and current initiatives. It can also inspire them to keep working toward the organization's goals. Finally, make sure that there is a quorum prior to opening the meeting. This is a crucial aspect that could have a significant impact on the outcome of the meeting. This is typically accomplished through a "roll call" where everyone is asked to raise their hands when their name is announced.

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