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9 Reasons to Stay Sober And How To Make It Happen

Practicing mindfulness means that you’re focused on the present moment and enjoying it for all that it is, rather than thinking about the past or the future. Not only are drugs and alcohol not cheap but being under their influence leads to poor financial decisions. By abstaining from them, you will save money, make more sound financial decisions, and be able to succeed at work, which could lead to a raise. Choose a recovery center that strongly emphasizes combining therapy with medications. Learning to redirect your focus to things that matter will be key to staying sober.

  • Boredom and isolation could easily be listed as the number one reason for relapse by many individuals in early recovery.
  • Are you tired of not knowing where you’ll wake up, or worse ⎼ if you will?
  • All you need to do is take responsibility for your past wrongs and prove to your family and friends that you’re now sober and trustworthy again.
  • She enjoys hiking, spending time at the beach, and playing with her two nieces.
  • Why, then, let it get so bad that it does more than just ruin your summer?
  • This information can ultimately give you the help you need in your most vulnerable state.
  • But with professional treatment, it is possible to make a full recovery from alcohol abuse.

Alcoholism and drug addiction are a problem in and of itself, but there is also a problem underlying the substance dependence. Without addressing the underlying issues and simply stopping substance use, it is like putting a band aid on severed limb. Oftentimes there are unaddressed or hidden mental health concerns such as anxiety, depression, mania, personality disorders, or post-traumatic stress.

So you want to be sober — now what?

With all this newfound time, you can change your life for the better. If you are new to this whole sobriety thing and are struggling with the idea of never drinking or drugging again – that’s okay! However, life really does get a thousand times better if you stay sober.

what reasons for you to stay sober

Drug users are also two and half times more likely than non-users to have absences of eight or more days, which can result in a loss of over a quarter months earnings for each instance. Because of drug-related physical and mental health problems, addicts can be rendered unable to work, relying on welfare to survive. Keep in mind that alcohol alternatives shouldn’t be used as part of addiction recovery. (You shouldn’t be drinking anything that resembles alcohol if you’re an alcoholic, even if it’s alcohol-free.) They can be a positive addition to a sober curious lifestyle, though.

The Number 1 Reason People Fail Dry January, and Fail Sobriety In General

It also allows you to take responsibility for your recovery journey. The medication enables you to handle harsh withdrawal symptoms, prevent relapse, or treat any co-occurring mental disorders, such as anxiety and depression. Individual, group, or family therapy helps you to get to the bottom of your addiction problem.

  • It’s much easier to stay financially fit when you’re sober.
  • Addiction is painful.The cravings and the body aches can be powerful reasons to keep using – after all, it seems to take those pains away.
  • They are able to use their personal experience and specialized training to assist others along their journey of sobriety.
  • In this blog, we will discuss the many reasons to stay sober for good.
  • If you’ve ever dealt with an addiction, you’ll know that being sober is the best thing that can happen to you.
  • For these people, starting on the path of recovery is the first step toward clearing the body and mind of the obstacles to forward-thinking that addiction imposes.

One should not surround themselves intentionally with other people who are using alcohol or drugs unless they have a stable foundation in their own recovery. It is also helpful to have a plan in place when surrounding oneself with people who are using alcohol or drugs, and bring a sober support and accountability partner with them when possible. In a lot of cases, a person who has become addicted to a substance has done so because of some other issue.

The 4 C’s of Addiction

Sometimes, it’s easy to lose sight of the reasons you decided to get help for substance dependence problems. But, it’s always good to think about the benefits of staying sober. Sometimes individuals who are new to sobriety experience a pink cloud, or have notions that they will never use alcohol or drugs ever again no matter what. They have such bad memories of their substance use, and are enjoying their recovery journey. Sure, it is a great feeling when you are confident in your recovery, but keep in mind that everyone is eligible for relapse. All it takes is a millisecond, being in the wrong place at the wrong time, or just one bad thought that leads to one bad decision.

Therapy also equips you with the necessary tools to help you repair your relationships. Additionally, during behavior counseling, you learn healthier coping skills. If you’re curious about 10 reasons why you should get clean and sober during the summer, it’s probably safe to assume that you’re concerned about your reasons to be sober drug and/or alcohol intake. During alcohol recovery, you will learn to develop healthy coping skills, and you will be assisted in addressing underlying issues that could impair your progress. Depending on the nature and severity of the addiction, the detox process may last anywhere from a few days to weeks.

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